Thursday, December 01, 2005

"What would you do if you were a ninja!"

Alrighty folks.. here's the new topic for our tag game: What would you do if you were a ninja? Muhehe.. this topic is awesome. Its a little more articulate than Illustration Fridays' topics but thats o.k. cuz its still hella cool. Why ninjas you ask? Well, for one thing.. ninjas are wicked awesome cuz they have the ability to just totally flip out and kill everyone! Kazaam! That's why.

This is just a starter... obviously I'd do more than just eat snow. Feel free to join in... and show me your drawings!

Thanks for joining in Paul. Haha. Paulsketch says, "I would climb up the sides of skyscrapers and enjoy the views! (yes i would be a ninja with a pirate patch)"

View Paul's blog.

Tiff says, "i was thinking of spying on criminals.. kind of like..spiderman...
taking pictures for a secret mission! It would be fun to fly around the city to take pictures ;P"
Tiffy's Blog

Here is Mikey's contribution. Haha..Good stuff.Mike's Blog

Here's linton Joseph's ninja doodle entry. Its part of a series of drawings.. One of the key poses.

"ninja knockout gas for the fights you just can't win."

Click here to see the entire sequence.

Keep 'em coming people!

My buddy Rex Law's ninja drawing... cool eh?!


Closet Space said...

Ahahah! Awesome! It was funny when you were explaining it but I always prefer the visuals. Me next me next!

BenerdWalkin said...

Hey Tony

Nice Topic...but that's not snow..those are ninja stars disguise as out...

St John Street said...

Word I'm feeling the love 4 food even if animators rarely eat, ninja's r the shi#t often do you play I'd like 2 join n I post my answer n drawing form by friday hopefully u can do the same I can can be reached at

Tiffy said...

Really? I dont know if your gf will kill you for posting her pic!hehe It will only show that she's as important to you as your artwork.:)

Thanks for the topic, i like it! I wish i have my tools with me now, but i can only wait until i get home.

PaulSketch said...

That's what I would do as a pirate!

This was an awesome idea Tony, ninjas!! Your blog is so fun - my new art blog buddy: Tony haha, thanks for tagging me

Alina Chau said...

cool illo!! V fun!

Mike Barth said...

yo Tony!!!...

thanks for posting my Ninja Dream bud..

I have more ideas...I'll send em' you way once i find time to do them..


*tina said...

tooooooooony..!! preeeetyyyy stuff=) come back to no viets left..ahha so lonely

Bobby Chiu said...

Good stuff tony! What an interesting idea