Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Killer K

My friend Karen wanted a doodle of herself as a ninja.. so as I promised.. here it is.

Nice lil' quickie, cleaned up then spruced up in photoshop.. haha.. no skills. Simple two-tone colouring. Butterfly PS brush. The Japanese character in the back is 'ninja'. Hmmm... I still like the original pencil drawing better. Hate cleaning up.. I'm the worst clean-up artist.
Comments and critiques please.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I Adore This Girl!!!

I painted a portrait of Amy last week. I'm finally posting it now 'cuz its our anniversary.. well one of those 'and-a-half' ones..hehe. She has been there to care for me and love me for so long now. She is the greatest!

I wish I could be home to spend it w/ her but I have to work. 300 miles is not super duper far but I can't afford to travel back and forth too often. =(

I'll visit next month... for douche bag day.. I mean hallmark holiday.. I mean .. wutever.

Love you Amy!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. I sure did. It was so nice to be home again; spending time w/ family and friends... I dont want to go back to work!!! This may sound uncool but I really really would like to stay here and live in my mom's basement.. hahaha.

New years resolutions:
More sleep/rest; less zombiing
Stop neck,back,knuckle cracking
Set foot into a dojo/dojang
Rid potty-mouth
Pick up Guitar
create more art!

Pic on the left: Just some of the things I picked up this holiday.
Mask to fight winter
Ninja shirt... it says "world's laziest ninja".. not sleaziest ninja!
A new katana to add to my collection of swords.