Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year Everyone

I hope everyone had an awesome holiday. I sure did. It was so nice to be home again; spending time w/ family and friends... I dont want to go back to work!!! This may sound uncool but I really really would like to stay here and live in my mom's basement.. hahaha.

New years resolutions:
More sleep/rest; less zombiing
Stop neck,back,knuckle cracking
Set foot into a dojo/dojang
Rid potty-mouth
Pick up Guitar
create more art!

Pic on the left: Just some of the things I picked up this holiday.
Mask to fight winter
Ninja shirt... it says "world's laziest ninja".. not sleaziest ninja!
A new katana to add to my collection of swords.


Closet Space said...

hahaha, i wanna shirt that says "the world's sleeziest ninja!" see you soon!

Tiffy said...

Some nice stuff you've got. I like the mask; is it really that cold in Canada? I didn't get to go shopping much this holiday but I've got to draw more so it's great!

~ Lu said...

Yeah... pick up guitar, but dont get rid of potty mouth... I like potty mouth, is less repressed. I brought my bass guitar back from home! (it was so heavy SHIT) lol

mom (if mom says potty mouth is cool... its cool)

Tony Truong said...

Of course... wutever mom says is always right!