Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another Tattoo Design...

Here's another design I did for a client; a very cool guy that has a lot of Canadian pride. He saw me w/ my sketchbook in downtown Toronto and he asked me and that was that. Here are some of the preliminary roughs.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Carl Squared continues...

My wonderful vacation has come to an end and now its time for me to get back to work 'cuz animation for season 2 begins tomorrow. 'Later' to friends, loved ones and mom's home cooked meals and hello again to Ottawa, the studio, tae kwon do and my drawing table. Work, work, work...and then maybe some play. =)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Some more Downtown Doodles =)

Here are some more drawings I did in the last couple of days I was downtown here in Toronto.

I watched X-men today! It was alright. I liked it as much as the other ones but they should totally make an awesome fourth installment that'll blow away the orig. 3 and really sum up the story. I really like the x-men. They are super cool.
After the movie I visited some old school friends that work in the animation studios downtown. It was nice seeing ppl again and I am pleased to see that we all have jobs.

Speaking of which, tomorrow I'm going back to Ottawa because animation on Carl Squared season 2 begins on monday.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Downtown Doodles

For the last couple of days I've been bussing downtown to Toronto w/ Amy. While she writes her exams I sit in the study halls and doodle away. I've managed to fill up 10+ pages in my sketchbook and I also busted out the water colour and coloured some of them. Here are some of the drawings I did on the bus/subway and at University of Toronto.

I also met a fellow artist that busted out his sketchbook when he noticed me drawing other people.

After Amy's final exam we celebrated by goin to see the Blue Man Group. What an awesome show... very artistic.

I drew the last one while waiting for the 'freezing' to kick in before the removal of my first wisdom tooth. That chair felt like it was the chair of death!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

H2O Colour

Here's another water colour I did in my sketchbook a couple of days ago. I added the light bulb in using photoshop. Lately I've been doing alot of doodles and water colours. Why not eh? since I'm just sitting around w/ nothing better to do; waiting for the wifey to finish studying and doing her exams. =)

I lied about doing ONLY watercolours for the month of May. Here's a piece I put together quickly using Flash and Photoshop. It kinda looks like a dude; either the gal was manly looking or I just suck at tracing... but I still like the overall feel.

Friday, May 05, 2006

"V is for Very Tedious"

At last I've finished this darn watercolour. Worked on it every night after coming home in the A.M... for 3 nights in a row! I finally saw the movie a few days ago and liked it very much; obviously thats why I decided to do this piece. My medium for the month of May is going to be strictly watercolours... hah, or until I can get a hold of some other stuff. Go see V for Vendetta or you can even wait, it should be coming out on dvd pretty soon. =)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Back at Home

I'm now back at home again. My sweetheart Amy picked me up at the greyhound in T.O. then we proceeded on our way home but got stuck in rush hour + traffic due to the construction on the highway which left us no choice but to drive on local roads. Instead of waiting in traffic + I had to pee (haha) we decided to go for some West Indian food at Island Foods instead. This is what I look like when I eat my curry beef roti =P
Here are a couple of watercolours I did on the bus ride home.

Later on that night I went out for dinner w/ Amy and my mom. We went to Kelsey's where the service was kinda crappy. My fish and chips was not cooked right. The batter was fried nicely but the fish underneath had just thawed. I bit into it and it was cold and wet. Friggin' gross.