Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Breakfast... made w/ Luv

Amy is in town!!! Just thought I'd cook her somethin'.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

From Paper to Skin

I created another tattoo design for a buddy of mine. He wanted a taurus and this is what I came up with.

When people get tattoos of the taurus it often ends up just being the zodiac symbol itself or just a bull's head. My buddy wanted something totally original. This taurus is about to take charge and take over the world! Muhahaha.

Portraits are fun

Here's a painting of my friend Jen. Done in photoshop... 4 hours. Haha my roommate kept on finding newer flaws each time he looked at it. It could've been completed in 3 hrs maybe. But its good that he was there to critique it or else jen would've had a mustache.. at the least! hahah. thanks. enjoy.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Doodles @ the Cinema

We watched Narnia yesterday and I enjoyed it very much. It was almost like a more juvenile Lord of the Rings. I've never read the books and didn't know what to expect but yah.. there were some pretty nice effects. Oh man, I forget how expensive food is at the theatres. Roomy bought a chicken sandwich combo from KFC for almost $12... as our old buddy Mike Hong would say, "Thats like getting kicked in the nuts and all your money falls!".. I don't know, I just put that in there 'cuz it sounded funny but anyway.. always eat b4 goin'.. unless you don't mind being overcharged. Here are the doodles I drew of people while waiting for the movie to start.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bowlerama Madness: Ninja Style

We went bowling yesterday... all the way the heck out in Quebec because there was no 10 pin bowling in town.. can you believe that?.. But I mean come on you wouldn't settle for 5 pin crappy bowling would 'ya? For gosh sakes theres only 5 friggin' pins; You don't get the loud 'CRAAASH' when you knock 'em all down! Mike says 5 pin should only cost 1/2 price.. heh. Oh yah I labelled it ninja style bowling 'cuz we would always throw a punch or kick upon impact of knocking down all or some of the pins..hehe.. too funny. My ninja sweep kicked arse but my score didn't! ANYWAY, we had an awesome time... cuz it was 10 pin Katie!!!.. and no senior cizitens! Here are some of the pics: "We are too cool!"

Thursday, December 08, 2005


We were playing cards just the other day.. but not the usual games.. instead we played 'spoon'. I'm not sure if it was by choice or not.. but instead of grabbing spoons we through down a couple of fridge magnets. While waiting for the shuffler we would try to make up words w/ the letters we had... which were A, M, S, and T. We came up with 'Mats', 'Swat', 'ATMs', and I spelled 'STAM'. As I said it out I placed the magnets upon my chest and did a gangster pose, "STAAAAAAAAM!". Now its a new word! I don't know the definite definition for it exactly. But I imagine it to be something you'd say due to amazement, stunner, or just anything superb. Katie thought my pose was hilarious due to the spontanuity of it and all and wished that we had a photo of it. Hehe so I did a quick doodle and colored it up. I know it may not seem funny.. but if you were there.. it may have.. or not still but anyway, enjoy. .. and have a Stammin' Holiday y'alls.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Tapioca fight

Heres an awesome pic that Lucia drew of us at bubble tea. We weren't actually shooting tapioca/pearls at eachother... but if we were ninjas then we would have.
Have a safe and wonderful trip mom!

Hehe.. I'm still infatuated w/ 'em. Cool ninjas: Ninja turtles, Ninja Gaiden, Shinobi, Hitari Hanzo, Me(yes, I was trained in the ancient ways of the ninja!), Naruto, 3 ninjas!, mortal kombat ninjas, gi joe ninjas, and power rangers (they're sorta like ninjas, no?)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

"What would you do if you were a ninja!"

Alrighty folks.. here's the new topic for our tag game: What would you do if you were a ninja? Muhehe.. this topic is awesome. Its a little more articulate than Illustration Fridays' topics but thats o.k. cuz its still hella cool. Why ninjas you ask? Well, for one thing.. ninjas are wicked awesome cuz they have the ability to just totally flip out and kill everyone! Kazaam! That's why.

This is just a starter... obviously I'd do more than just eat snow. Feel free to join in... and show me your drawings!

Thanks for joining in Paul. Haha. Paulsketch says, "I would climb up the sides of skyscrapers and enjoy the views! (yes i would be a ninja with a pirate patch)"

View Paul's blog.

Tiff says, "i was thinking of spying on criminals.. kind of like..spiderman...
taking pictures for a secret mission! It would be fun to fly around the city to take pictures ;P"
Tiffy's Blog

Here is Mikey's contribution. Haha..Good stuff.Mike's Blog

Here's linton Joseph's ninja doodle entry. Its part of a series of drawings.. One of the key poses.

"ninja knockout gas for the fights you just can't win."

Click here to see the entire sequence.

Keep 'em coming people!

My buddy Rex Law's ninja drawing... cool eh?!