Saturday, December 10, 2005

Bowlerama Madness: Ninja Style

We went bowling yesterday... all the way the heck out in Quebec because there was no 10 pin bowling in town.. can you believe that?.. But I mean come on you wouldn't settle for 5 pin crappy bowling would 'ya? For gosh sakes theres only 5 friggin' pins; You don't get the loud 'CRAAASH' when you knock 'em all down! Mike says 5 pin should only cost 1/2 price.. heh. Oh yah I labelled it ninja style bowling 'cuz we would always throw a punch or kick upon impact of knocking down all or some of the pins..hehe.. too funny. My ninja sweep kicked arse but my score didn't! ANYWAY, we had an awesome time... cuz it was 10 pin Katie!!!.. and no senior cizitens! Here are some of the pics: "We are too cool!"

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~ Lu said...

Those are fun pics... awww Im so jealous! booo... snif. Well... more stuff we have to do next time! yay!