Thursday, December 08, 2005


We were playing cards just the other day.. but not the usual games.. instead we played 'spoon'. I'm not sure if it was by choice or not.. but instead of grabbing spoons we through down a couple of fridge magnets. While waiting for the shuffler we would try to make up words w/ the letters we had... which were A, M, S, and T. We came up with 'Mats', 'Swat', 'ATMs', and I spelled 'STAM'. As I said it out I placed the magnets upon my chest and did a gangster pose, "STAAAAAAAAM!". Now its a new word! I don't know the definite definition for it exactly. But I imagine it to be something you'd say due to amazement, stunner, or just anything superb. Katie thought my pose was hilarious due to the spontanuity of it and all and wished that we had a photo of it. Hehe so I did a quick doodle and colored it up. I know it may not seem funny.. but if you were there.. it may have.. or not still but anyway, enjoy. .. and have a Stammin' Holiday y'alls.


Closet Space said...

You don't know just how happy I am you did this pic, eehheheee!

St John Street said...

nice new piece man tanks for poing my ninja stuff it wasn't that great but I had fun

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Mike Barth said...

yup..that was a fun night!
STAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!..... **in the tone of the pop tarts commercial guy**


Closet Space said...

oh i HATE that pop tart commercial guy, I want to throw a frozen box of beef at him!

Andrew Shek said...

hey Tony,

Looks like a new style you got here....nice stuff

Tony Truong said...

st.john - thanks and thankyou again for your contribution.

art tattoo - go advertise your crap somewhere else

mike - word!

kt - I hate that guy too! lol.

Alina Chau said...


~ Lu said...

STAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!Oh yeah it was a fun night, lol. I laugh just remembering you saying staaaam and putting the letters in your chest, so funny!

And what the heck? how come you guys have TIME to watch commercials??? where do you watch tv? or is it radio commercials? jeez!