Sunday, December 11, 2005

Doodles @ the Cinema

We watched Narnia yesterday and I enjoyed it very much. It was almost like a more juvenile Lord of the Rings. I've never read the books and didn't know what to expect but yah.. there were some pretty nice effects. Oh man, I forget how expensive food is at the theatres. Roomy bought a chicken sandwich combo from KFC for almost $12... as our old buddy Mike Hong would say, "Thats like getting kicked in the nuts and all your money falls!".. I don't know, I just put that in there 'cuz it sounded funny but anyway.. always eat b4 goin'.. unless you don't mind being overcharged. Here are the doodles I drew of people while waiting for the movie to start.


Alina Chau said...

great drawing!

PaulSketch said...

I had the same experiance with Narnia - hadn't read the books and had no idea what to expect. But it turned out great! ...I also busted my money on one stupid water bottle
That's so cool that you sketched people in the theater before it started! I should start doing that, I bet everyone stays pretty still