Saturday, January 14, 2006

I Adore This Girl!!!

I painted a portrait of Amy last week. I'm finally posting it now 'cuz its our anniversary.. well one of those 'and-a-half' ones..hehe. She has been there to care for me and love me for so long now. She is the greatest!

I wish I could be home to spend it w/ her but I have to work. 300 miles is not super duper far but I can't afford to travel back and forth too often. =(

I'll visit next month... for douche bag day.. I mean hallmark holiday.. I mean .. wutever.

Love you Amy!


Amy said...

I love it! Thank you! MUAH*

PaulSketch said...

wow - the colors are great!!

Alina Chau said...

Your paintings are amazing, Tony!! Lovely artworks for your special friends!!

nick said...

man,yo can really produce with a wacom tony.nice!

Virginia Valle said...

.... Well some both of you will together again ;) .... you love to her and that is important

Tony I saw your comment on Lucia blog :)
"Fantastico! Virginiajoe keeps speakin' Spanish... I just thought I'd join in. Hehe. Ttyl ma. "

I will try :) INCREIBLE PINTURA :)

Tony Truong said...

Amy - Anything for you love... well almost! haha.

Paul - Thanks. W/ the colors I kept true to the photograph.. the only thing I really did was remove the dog she was holding. =P

Alina - Thank you very much and yes they are special =)

Nick - Haha thanks Mr. Watson. I really like your t-rex drawing!

Viginajoe - hehe, thank you very much for the compliments and the spanish lessons! =)

reboundicon said...

whoa tony its like im looking at a photo!


Tiffy said...

A very sweet painting!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Keep the amazing work coming~

Tony Truong said...

Rebo - So I wasted a hundred hours for nothing when I could've just posted a photo? haha. And thanks for coming out to sushi w/ us!

Tiffy - Hey thanks alot Tiffy. When I first saw the bag that you drew I thought it was black and white photo... nice rendering!Happy Chinese new year to you as well. =)

Adriana said...'re the sweetest boyfriend ever!! Amy's very lucky :D