Monday, November 28, 2005

The Visit Home

Oh man, it was so nice to be home even though it was only for 1 1/2 days. Look at these two.. The 300 mile bus rides are worth it. I went straight to Amy's place when I arrived. Missy was so hyper and happy to see me. She looks crazy cute in her lil' blue jacket. I devoured my first oriental home cooked meal in over a month.
This weekend was all about big eats and the food I missed! hehe. Im such a pig. Later on that night Amy and I went out for 24hour Pho(?).
The next morning we met up w/ my mom and went for Dim Sum. And later on that day we went to Yang's Kitchen for all you can eat sushi! The best in town! Man, I love this place!


~ Lu said...

WOW that sushi looks awesome! I wanna eat sushi now! *drooling*

reboundicon said...

whoa billy looks old!!!

hi tony...i'm a transformer.

St John Street said...

yo u need 2 stop with the food unless your willing to share hhahaha just joking great new sketches keeep em coming