Monday, November 21, 2005


Yes, another food posting... I don't care... I LOVE FOOD!!! anyhow...

Oh man, living on your own is cool and all but when it comes to food time I never know what to make. Been eating alot of pasta 'cuz its easy to make. Been eating alot of kraft dinner too.. heh.

This is what I had today right after running at the gym. Nice and quick b4 I have to go work.

Prepared this one a couple weeks ago.

Here's one that Kim made... one of my favourites!


Closet Space said...

mmm, these look so fancy! Yeah, I find i make waaaaaaaay too much pasta too cuz i never know what else to cook. BAH!

Tony Truong said...

alright, time to do some searches for recipe and we'll trade.. cool?

PaulSketch said...

mmmm looks yummy! good presentation too

~ Lu said...

HAHAHA... Tony, Tony... you and your food. If there is a person in this world that is ALWAYS eating, thats you! Fancy presentation of the dishes!

See... now you made me hungry! Im all drooling... need to go eat... fooooood nowwwww