Sunday, July 02, 2006

Happy Canada's Day

Happy Canada's Day!!!

(Amy and I outside Parliament)

Playing around w/ the new tablet today. I painted a couple of Lois Lanes. The first one doesnt even look like her. Haha.

The second one was suppose to be a charicature but I totally did not push the features enough. Next time...

Pretty trippy how she has two different eye colours.

I finally came around to scanning it so I'm reposting my V for Vendetta painting. Last time I posted a photograph of it that I took w/ a digicam.


belinha said...

You have a fantastic tablet!Mine is Wacom Graphire. I LOVE it!After my laptop she's my true love!I'm going to learn how to use if I have problems I'll knock on yourblog!Just kidding!Don't be scared!:-)

Closet Space said...

the 2nd one looks very much like her! Exspecially cuz it kinda looks like Natalie Portman and throughout the whole movie I kept thinking to myself "... she looks alot like Natalie Portman." They need to get those 2 and Keira Knightly in a film together as triplets.