Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Here are some pumpkins that we carved this past weekend. Thanks to Lu and Katie for grabbing the pumpkins for us.

Oh yah, we also watched AmityVille Horror.. I'm not a big fan of the spooky flicks.. images that they flash for couple of seconds will forever stay in my head! Oh yah, later on at around 2:30 in the morning Mike and I scare the living bajeezus outta Katie and Lu on their way home. It was an awesome awesome scare... very funny..... at the time.. :P

Me and the boys last hallow's eve. Rock on! Good times.


Closet Space said...

Aaah, fond memories. Oh yes, PIN-UP-GIRL TAG, you're it! ahahaha

postpal said...

Hi Tony,

I enjoy your work very much. In any case, do let me know if you free-lance. I could use some help for my marketing project.

~ Lu said...

Ya bastard!

religious tattoo said...
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